Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

We specialize in above ground and in-ground swimming pools, we carry multiple lines of pools, all American made.

Above ground swimming pools:

Don’t believe the hype of resin pools, everything you buy in today’s disposable society is plastic or resin. Resin pools are cheaper to manufacturer then Galvanized steel pools. Most companies try and get an up charge on the resin pools utilizing the scare tactic of “ if its steel it will rust” however resin pools have a steel wall, so no matter what you are still getting a steel pool. A galvanized steel pool will rust, but the time of that rusting is usually 20+ years. A resin pool will fade, crack and Warp in just a few years.


Food for thought:

All the other industries who install outside products for your home do not suggest resin, they all use vinyl, such as vinyl fencing, vinyl decking, vinyl siding, vinyl windows, vinyl pool liners, so it makes you wonder why some swimming pool companies are pushing resin. The best materials are galvanized steel or aluminum, and lets face it, you don’t get any strength out of resin, especially in colder climates resin becomes brittle. Aluminum pools are the most durable against corrosion, as long as it is grounded properly, however the price is almost doubled, remember you still get 20+ years from a galvanized steel pool. We sell both aluminum and galvanized steel pools.

We always have a stock of closeouts and clearance pools ready to be installed, we will have the best price and best quality guaranteed.

In-ground swimming pools:

We specialize in liner in-ground pool kits, there are multiple types of in-ground pools out there, the most basic are fiberglass inserts, cement, and liner. Each one has a pros and cons which I will try and list here:

Fiber glass In-ground

Fiber glass in-ground pools are shells created in the manufacturer of fiberglass, they basically look like a big bath tub, first lets list the cons, fiberglass pools can pop out of the ground if not installed correctly, most times the company will build up your yard and slop it away from the pool dramatically to insure this doesn’t happen, also fiberglass like a boat can have tendency to stain and develop small cracks, also the cost is usually expensive up into 35k or more. The good thing about fiberglass is the install is quick and there are no wrinkles.


Cement In-ground:

What can I say, if done correctly cement pools are beautiful and can last forever, you can have any shape or depth you desire. However the price tag for a cement pool can well achieve over 50k. If you have a high water table this is the only way to go.

Liner in-ground:

These pools are kits usually made out of steel, resin or aluminum that get built in the ground, usually just walls with a cement collar behind it for support. The ground work is usually sand or a light weight cement called vermiculite. A liner snaps into the walls and hangs into the pool and if built correctly will have no wrinkles. The cost on an in-ground liner kit is considerably cheaper around 22k installed. The downfall is every 15 years you have to replace the liner which cost around 3k depending on the size of the pool. These are the type of pools we specialize in. visit our showroom today for a full consultation.