Pool Tables


We specialize in slate pool tables, not wood beds or synthetic wood called slateck or slatetron. Actual slate is ¾” or 1’ thick slate mined out of the ground and diamond honed for accuracy. The properties of slate will never warp, which is why it makes for the best product on any pool table. Most of your mass merchandisers will sell a wood bed pool table, and there is nothing worse to spend that kind of money on a pool table and all the balls roll to one side. It’s a waste of money.

  • Most pool tables we sell have a three step staining process in a 8% moisture free environment to ensure that any of the hardwood will never split or crack.
  • All cushions are a k-66 profile gum rubber cushion with a cloth backing to ensure a consistent bounce each time.
  • All pool tables come with a loomed cloth, 21oz, and tephlone coated to prevent stains from setting in.
  • We warranty all our tables with a lifetime warranty.

Stop in today and talk with a sales professional who can help you choose the right table for your home.

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