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Swim N Play Pools

Bringing family’s together with physical home entertainment

That statement alone is what we strive for, in a day and age of electronics and staring at screens all day, we are proud to offer products that enhance everyday life and put smiles on kids faces, products that get family’s talking and laughing, products that bring your kids and their friends over, whether it’s a swimming pool, hot tub, pool table, foosball, air hockey, or dartboard, these items keep family’s communicating and brings them closer together.

“ I myself am a father of teens, and I cannot express enough the importance of getting them to bring their friends over, we all know what can happen when our kids hang out with the wrong people, that is one of the many great advantages of enhancing your home with physical home entertainment gifts, like a swimming pool, or pool table.

Pools bring family’s closer together, and keeps the lines of communication open. It is way to often we lose touch with our kids and don’t understand them or what is going on in their lives. From the time our kids start school, they are influenced by media and friends, and even though you do the best you can to shelter your child from all the evil out there, the friends they choose may have had parents who have not.

It is important to get your kids talking to you and staring at a tv screen doesn’t do that. I am very proud at what I do and how much we help family’s. Bottom line is the smile on a kids face, that comes from the enjoyment of a swimming pool makes life worth living.                                                 

Sincerely John Bellamy, owner “

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